Odessa-Mayaki observatory (583) has discovered new asteroid 2017 QX33 and re-discovered 2016 GN108 asteroid

On August 25, 2017, astronomers Vladimir Kashuba and Vladimir Troianskyi of the observing station Mayaki (583 – Odessa-Mayaki) of Astronomical observatory of I. I. Mechnikov Odessa National University discovered an unknown asteroid having now the IAU Minor Planet Center name 2017 QX33, and rediscovered another one 2016 GN108. The first of these was the Mars-crossing, the second – an asteroid of the Main Belt.

Asteroid 2017 QX33 discovered by CoLiTec software

These discoveries were carried out on observing station Mayaki (583 – Odessa-Mayaki) using the OMT-800 telescope and CoLiTec software for automated asteroids and comets discoveries provided by the developers (http://neoastrosoft.com).