MPC plugins update

Due to updates on all Minor Planet Center (MPC) services (changing security protocols, moving the database of objects, changing addresses) all previous versions of both CoLiTec software and other software that use MPC services stopped receiving the correct results based on the data from MPC.

CoLiTec Team has investigated this issue and provided patches for all previous versions of CoLiTec software for: Windows and Linux.

Please, perform the following actions to apply patches:

  1. Download archives with patches for Windows or Linux;
  2. Unzip archive;
  3. Copy and replace the following files from archive in the destination folder:
    • \CoLiTec\dolliplugins\mpcheckp.plu
    • \CoLiTec\dolliplugins\mpcneorating.plu
    • \CoLiTec\dolliplugins\viziersdss9.plu

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