LookSky – is a new cross-platform version of the frames viewer of the CoLiTec software for automated asteroids and comets discoveries in a series of CCD-frames.


  • Visual analysis of the moving objects (asteroids, comets) detected in automation mode by CoLiTec software;
  • Deleting the false objects (it is necessary to pay attention to the previously unknown objects);
  • Hand measuring of the objects (asteroids, comets) that were not detected in automation mode;
  • Ability to save results of work;
  • Ability to create and send MPC report;
  • Ability to save personal settings and windows position;
  • Localizable user interface;
  • Simple and convenient graphical interface.

Minimal system requirements:

  • Windows system from 2000 version or UNIX system;
  • CPU frequency no less 1 GHz;
  • RАМ no less 256 Mb;
  • Free space on the hard drive no less 10 Mb.


This software is developed by CoLiTec Company.
License © 2017. CoLiTec – Collection Light Technology.

Download “LookSky – Quick start”

Screenshots of LookSky
Screenshots of LookSky

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