LookFits is a lister-plugin (WLX) of Total Commander and Double Commander for view files in FITS format.


  • viewing the header and data block in digital form or as an image;
  • conversion of header and data into other format;
  • supports all BITPIX values of Single Image;
  • supported extensions: *.fits, *.fit, *.fts, *.fis;
  • supported 64 bit & 32 bit Windows version of Сommander-s.
  • License

    This software is developed by CoLiTec Company and released as freeware.
    MIT © 2017. CoLiTec – Collection Light Technology.

    How to use

    Download the current stable release, unzip it and plug in the plugin LookFits.wlx or LookFits.wlx64. Also supported installation using Total Commander’s integrated plugin installer.

    Version: 1.0.1

    GitHub link



    A video-presentation is available on YouTube.

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