Filter for brightness equalization

FrameSmooth – is a new cross-platform version of the well-reputed module of the CoLiTec software, designed for equalization of the residual background component of the images. It allows processing images with any formats, including astronomical frames. Module is based on filtering of the images using the inverse median filter and the astronomical master-frames (Bias, Dark and Flat). The most common image formats (.jpg, .png) and digital frames (.fit, .fits) are supported with the possibility of transformation the images to fits format


  • Support of 8-bit and 16-bit graphic file formats;
  • Graphic file formats – jpg, png, tiff, bmp and gif;
  • Support of two-dimensional .fit, .fits files of any bit depth;
  • Transformation the images to .fit, .fits, .fts formats;
  • Brightness equalization of the images using the inverse median filter;
  • Spurious flashes removing in digital frames;
  • Master-frames creation – Master-Bias, Master-Dark, Master-DarkFlat, Master-Flat;
  • Flexible customization of the processing options;
  • Calibration of target (Light) frames using Master-frames;
  • OLDAS mode – automatic on-line processing of any number of frames that are formed by different telescopes;
  • SCRIPT mode – the alignment of astronomical frames with a predetermined sequence of operations;
  • Ability to save all program settings;
  • Localizable user interface;
  • Quick navigation for the processing mode selection;
  • Simple and convenient graphical interface.

Minimal system requirements:

  • Windows system from 2000 version or UNIX system;
  • CPU frequency no less 1 GHz;
  • RАМ no less 1 GB;
  • Free space on the hard drive (taking into account the space for temporary files) no less 6 Gb.
  • Installed JRE (Java Runtime Environment) 8 version no less 1.8.0.XXX


This software is developed by CoLiTec Company.
License © 2017. CoLiTec – Collection Light Technology.

Download “User guide for FrameSmooth v. 1.5″

Processing results by FrameSmooth:

Processing results by FrameSmooth
Processing results by FrameSmooth

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