CoLiTec documentation

Attached CoLiTec software documentation package contains the following documents:

«Frames and series of frames requirements for CoLiTec software processing» provides all the necessary information and review of the requirements to the frame series and the information about observation condition.

CoLiTec software includes 3 main programs that will be used:

  • LookSky – the program for viewing and editing of detected objects. An observer can process frames manually, and also view results of automatic frames processing by CoLiTec. More details about LookSky in the user guide «LookSky – User guide» .
  • CLTLogger – the program for the automatic processing of asteroid surveys. More details about CoLiTec Control Center in the user guide «CoLiTec Control Center – User Guide» .
  • ThresHolds – the program for the fine adjustment of all CoLiTec modules. More details about ThresHolds in the user guide «ThresHolds – User guide» .

After reviewing requirements for series of frames, it is necessary to make first-time adjustment of CoLiTec software, using the following documents: