CoLiTecVS – Variable Stars

CoLiTecVS (Variable Stars) is the cross-platform software for automated creation of the light curves of investigated variable stars. Management and processing control of the different types of astronomical data are performed by CoLiTec Control Center (3C). is a cross-platform module of the CoLiTecVS software, which allows user launching of the different processing stages by using corresponding modules.


  • Automated and manual light curve creation of the investigated stars;
  • Light curve analysis in the viewer;
  • Creation of the individual settings for each telescope;
  • Selection of the needed astro-, photometry catalogs;
  • Task-file creation for the investigated stars;
  • Setting aperture parameters;
  • Calibration of raw (light) frames using calibration frames (bias, dark, flat, dark-flat);
  • Brightness equalization using the mathematical inverse median filter;
  • Ensemble-photometry using;
  • Saving the results of work;
  • Saving the file with instrumental brightness, AAVSO report;
  • Personal settings saving;
  • Localizable user interface;
  • Simple and convenient graphical interface.

Minimal system requirements:

  • Windows system from 7 (32, 64-bit) version, UNIX system (32, 64-bit);
  • CPU frequency no less 1 GHz;
  • RАМ no less 1 GB;
  • Free space on the hard drive no less 200 Mb;
  • Installed Java SE Runtime Environment no less than version;
  • Minimal screen resolution no less than 1360 x 600;
  • Internet access (without proxy using).


This software is developed by CoLiTec Company.
License © CoLiTec – Collection Light Technology.

Download “CoLiTecVS – User guide”

Screenshots of CoLiTecVS (Variable Stars)
Screenshots of CoLiTecVS (Variable Stars)
Screenshots of CoLiTecVS (Variable Stars)
Screenshots of CoLiTecVS (Variable Stars)
Screenshots of CoLiTecVS (Variable Stars)

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