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CoLiTec and 2015 IAA Planetary Defense Conference, ESA/ESRIN, 13-17 April 2015

The International Academy of Astronautics held its 4th IAA Planetary Defense Conference. It took place from 13 to 17 April, 2015 in Frascati, Italy.

4th IAA Planetary Defence Conference - PDC 2015

There were some goals of the conference:

  • Planetary Defense – Recent Progress & Plans
  • NEO Discovery
  • NEO Characterization
  • Mitigation Techniques & Missions
  • Impact Effects that Inform Warning, Mitigation & Costs
  • Consequence Management & Education

This excellent IAA Planetary Defence Conference – PDC 2015 – concluded on Friday 17 April after 5 hectic days of exemplary presentations: nearly 250 participants and 170 Papers and Posters. Sergii Khlamov, software development Team Lead of CoLiTeс team with perfect posters and presentation took a part of conference. Sergii’s posters mainly focused on the astrometric reduction of the frame based on UCAC4 catalog and provide an analysis of its results. The comparative analysis of the accuracy was performed between the CoLiTeс and Astrometrica software. The analysis showed the benefits of the CoLiTeс software using with astrometry of asteroids in relation with Astrometrica using, especially when using wide field and low quality frames. The posters and presentation aroused a great interest.


Asteroid 2014 KH2 discovering

Оn may 21 Leonid Elenin discovered 2014 KH2 asteroid (MPEC 2014-K23: 2014 KH2) with help of the CoLiTec software. This news cause a stir at local press. Over several weeks Kharkov newspaper such as media group «Objective», «Evening city», «Evening Kharkov» and many others wrote about CoLiTec software repeatedly. Just considerable interest of the CoLiTec software showed ATN channel (link to the interview: