48th conference on variable stars research, Prague 2016

The 48th conference on variable stars research (48. konference o výzkumu proměnných hvězd) was held on November 11-13, 2016 on Štefánik Observatory in Prague.

Štefánik Observatory in Prague, Vadym Savanevych, Sergii Khlamov, Artem Pohorelov, Olexandr Briukhovetskyi, Vladimir Vlasenko

The Štefánik Observatory is located in the very heart of Prague, in Petřín’s parks at the Hunger Wall which was built during the reign of Charles IV in the 14th century. The observatory was opened on June 24th, 1928. In the middle of the 70s, a full-scale reconstruction gave the building its current appearance and it was reopened for the public in 1976. Since 1979, the Štefánik observatory has been a part of the Observatory and Planetarium of Prague.

Pavol Dubovský, astronomer from Vihorlat Observatory and Astronomical Observatory on Kolonica Saddle, Slovakia, presented communication with the following title: «FrameSmooth software – new tool for the calibration of astronomical images». The team of authors is international (Slovakia-Ukraine). Ukraine was represented by Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics (Sergii Khlamov, Artem Pohorelov, Olexandr Briukhovetskyi, Vladimir Vlasenko) and Uzhgorod National University (Vadym Savanevych).


IAU symposium 325

IAU symposium 325 was held on October 20-24, 2016 in Sorrento (Italy). There are a lot of world-class experts to address the methodological and technological challenges posed by the scientific exploitation of massive data sets produced by the new generation of telescopes and observatories.

The Symposium will cover a broad range of topics in astroinformatics: Database Management Systems, Data Mining, multiprocessor computing for astronomy, machine learning methods for classification and knowledge extraction, algorithms for N-point computations, time series analysis and image processing, advanced visualization for astronomical Big Data.

The participants of the IAU symposium 325, Sergii Khlamov


International meeting on variable stars research KOLOS 2015

In the period from 3 to 5 December 2014 took place an International Astronomy Conference KOLOS 2015. The conference was held in Stakčín (Slovakia) at the Vihorlat observatory .

The participants of the conference


CoLiTec and 2015 IAA Planetary Defense Conference, ESA/ESRIN, 13-17 April 2015

The International Academy of Astronautics held its 4th IAA Planetary Defense Conference. It took place from 13 to 17 April, 2015 in Frascati, Italy.

4th IAA Planetary Defence Conference - PDC 2015

There were some goals of the conference:

  • Planetary Defense – Recent Progress & Plans
  • NEO Discovery
  • NEO Characterization
  • Mitigation Techniques & Missions
  • Impact Effects that Inform Warning, Mitigation & Costs
  • Consequence Management & Education

This excellent IAA Planetary Defence Conference – PDC 2015 – concluded on Friday 17 April after 5 hectic days of exemplary presentations: nearly 250 participants and 170 Papers and Posters. Sergii Khlamov, software development Team Lead of CoLiTeс team with perfect posters and presentation took a part of conference. Sergii’s posters mainly focused on the astrometric reduction of the frame based on UCAC4 catalog and provide an analysis of its results. The comparative analysis of the accuracy was performed between the CoLiTeс and Astrometrica software. The analysis showed the benefits of the CoLiTeс software using with astrometry of asteroids in relation with Astrometrica using, especially when using wide field and low quality frames. The posters and presentation aroused a great interest.


International Scientific and Methodological Conference 2014 KOLOS in Slovakia

In the period from 2 to 4 December 2014 took place an International Astronomy Conference KOLOS 2014. This year the traditional conference was organized within the framework of the international project “The Space Emergency System”. The project is supported by the ENPI (European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument) Cross-border cooperation programme Hungary – Slovakia – Romania – Ukraine. The conference was held in Stakčín (Slovakia) at the Vihorlat observatory.

View from the Vihorlat observatory


CoLiTec and Gaia-FUN-SSO 3 2014 International Workshop

From 24 to 26 November 2014 in Paris (France) was an Gaia-FUN-SSO 3 2014 International Workshop on the basis of the Paris Observatory.

Gaia-FUN-SSO 3 2014 International Workshop

Paris Observatory is the oldest one in the Europe. Paris geographical meridian (Greenwich) passes along the observatory building. It is the beginning of reference geographical longitude; is the average of the zero meridian of the zero time zone. Local average solar time at the Greenwich meridian is widely used in astronomy (for synchronizing Universal Time). In the XIX century in observatory established three telescopes, which are now shown to tourists. Also in the museum you can see the masterpieces of instrumental collections that have been used by scientists of earlier centuries.