Bug report

If you find a bug you can help us to improve our CoLiTec software. You can contact with us in any way you prefer. Our E-mail for questions and suggestions is support@neoastrosoft.com.

Before asking a question suggest you to visit our official forum http://forum.neoastrosoft.com/.

It’s enough to fill in the form using the following steps:

  1. Fill in “Your Name”, “Your Email” fields;
  2. Fill in the message subject;
  3. Choose Product;
  4. Choose Bug type (Bug in the program or Proposal for software improvement);
  5. Fill in the message body;
  6. Attach files as visual and information error confirmation.

IMPORTANT! Your detailed bug description allows to easier and faster fixing it by CoLiTec software developers.

It is desirable that the message body contained the following entries, specifying the bug:

  • OS and CoLiTec software product versions;
  • Configuration settings (“CoLiTec.xml” or your personal configuration file from the working directory “UserSettings” CoLiTec software), bugs screenshots. It necessary to attach them to this form;
  • Steps for reproducing this bug. For example,
    1. Launch the “CLTLogger.jar” program;
    2. Set brief configuration (configuration file is attached);
    3. Choose series;
    4. Start series processing;
    5. The program finished series processing and the following message was appeared (screenshot is attached). I couldn’t understand this message.
  • Recommend to attach “Process_CLT.log” processing log-file, which located in the processed zone.
  • Recommend to add full processed series into the *.zip archive, included all original *.fit, *.fits, *.fts frames and frames with the “Step_” mask from this series. Developers can use this information in case, when the bug reason is located into working series. Then developers will contact you by E-mail.

Recommended list of attached files:

  1. “Process_CLT.log” processing log-file;
  2. “CoLiTec.xml” – your configuration file;
  3. “Personal.xml” – your personal configuration file;
  4. Bugs screenshot for its visualization;
  5. *.zip with series.

CoLiTec Company appreciates any suggestions and recommendations from our customers. Every day we improve our CoLiTec software. To serve you better in the near future, please share your customer experience with us at colitec@neoastrosoft.com.

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