CoLiTec software improvements – Summer 2014, version from 6 June, 2014

1. Implemented Track & Stack function in the AdditionFrames module -frame addition with given parameters (function Track & Stack).

2. In viewer LookSky added function of a complex (full) processing zone using the CoLiTec. Connected to the console version “CoLiTec.exe”. Complex frame processing includes: Filter – alignment background; coordinate reduction – permanent settlement plates; detection of moving objects; search for known objects in the database and identification of found and known objects.

3. Designed ALM-fitting procedure compact groups of objects.

4. All modules and personal digital libraries under-signed separately signed, completely filled with system information, as well as established  unique icons launch.

5. Designed installer different versions of the program, it also signed by and has the appropriate version information.

6. Changed console application module intraframe processing POCLT.

7. Created the possibility of using the internal database as intermodule interface project (working with markers and stellar catalogs).

8.  In interframe processing the maximum allowable speed for objects corresponding circular blobs,determined by the minimum duty cycle of by time between frames.

9. VKCLT module increased degree of control of the computing process by the under identification of frames. If at least one frame will not identified – stop work module, the module interframe processing VOCLT will not run.

10. Created module LitePO – console application for a “fast” fitting (handling 500 the brightest peaks) and identification of the frame with star catalogs.

11. If the size of the field of view of the telescope more than 5 degree angle (the limit for the service MPC-checker) formed an integral request to the MPC-checker – inquiry, consisting of several queries off-center (Ra0 De0). Set of queries generated completely covers the field of view of the telescope.

12. Updated forming system reports (in the IFA and other organizations). Added the ability to build a report measurements immediately after loading the review in LookSky, bypassing the process of individual sub-confirm the correctness of the user is automatically detected objects in the solar system.

13. Improved logging system and a user interface, is implemented fully bilingual (Russian and English) in all elements and dialogs.

14. Increased informative custom error messages when creating reports: Error messages are accompanied by reference to paragraph appropriate settings, where you can fix the  not correct source data.

15. Changed strategy of using windows LookSky: during long operations program can be minimized to the taskbar.

16. Developed and implemented a new website project (third edition)

17. Radically redesigned project documentation.

18. An internal work on the program, optimized executable code, removed the detected errors, including those associated with memory leaks.

Further ways of improving the program:

1. Improvements online service frame processing СLT-Service.

2. Development of the automatic determination of quality of the program (accuracy, proper detection) REPORT.

3. Improving the reliability of the program.

4. Improved user interface program.

5. Introduced monitor messages as the centralized service for decision-making modules.