Implementation Act of CoLiTec software on observatory ISON NM (H15)

Since November 27, 2010 СoLiTec (СLT) has been successfully used by Russian remotely ISON-NM observatory (Mayhill, New Mexico, USA) within its project dedicated to the observation and cataloging of space debris ISON (International Scientific Optical Network), managed by Igor Molotov. More than 1000 asteroids have been discovered in this observatory using the present software (dedication to the 50th anniversary of the first human’s flight in space April 12, 2011)

December 10, 2010 — Leonid Elenin (Russian astronomer, scientific associate of Keldysh Institute of applied mathematics, ISON-NM leading asteroids’ observer) discovered the comet C/2010 X1 (Elenin) using СoLiTec. That was the first discovery made by a Russian astronomer for the last 20 years. The Comet Elenin is moving in ecliptic plane and in October 2011 will be so close to the Earth that it will be for some time visible to the naked eye. As a result the Comet Elenin was widely discussed in the international media.

During sky survey in the night of 27 August 28 (UTC) ISON-NM observer Leonid Elenin with help of CoLiTec program has discovered a near Earth object received a provisional designation 2011 QY37. You could see electronic circular of MPC dedicated to this event. This is first NEO discovered with help of our program and the second NEO discovered by ISON-NM observatory.

July 7, 2011 – Leonid Elenin detected an object that received 100% NEO. The discovery was made at the ISON-NM observatory. But it was thought to be a comet. And a new circular MPC (comet P/2011 NO1) confirmed it to be a comet!

The main updating of CoLiTec (CLT) software in 2011 is launch of OLDAS system that permits to treat observations close to a real-time scale. The main functions of this system are: automatic distribution of frames among series; organization of a simultaneous frames’ processing on several computers combined in a local network. If these computers have multicores’ processors, OLDAS creates multithreads treatment of data on local network computers (quantity of threads depends on cores).

2010 YA4 main belt asteroid became numbered, receiving MPC number 322204. The present asteroid was discovered December 29, 2010 by ISON-NM observatory and represents the first numbered asteroid discovered by this observatory using CoLiTec software.

October 9th, Leonid Elenin at the ISON-NM observatory using the CoLiTec program discovered NEA which has received designation 2013 TB80.

Implementation Act of CoLiTec software on observatory ISON NM (H15) Implementation Act of CoLiTec software on observatory ISON NM (H15)