Implementation of the CoLiTec software (2010 results)

In 2010 CoLiTec software started to be used in two observatories regularly observing asteroids (Andrushevsk Astronomical Observatory (AAO) – since May, Russian remotely ISON-NM observatory – since the end of November). Using the present software, AAO observers discovered and obtained temporary MPC names for 25 asteroids (May 2010 – January 13, 2011). Implementation of CoLiTec software in ISON-NM observatory significantly increased number of observing asteroids and their observations. Using the present software for a month and a half (up to January 13, 2011), ISON-NM observers discovered 133 asteroids. The absolute record of this observatory using СoLiTec software, represents 3868 observations of 967 asteroids and discovery of 32 asteroids (night January 3, 2011). СoLiTec application also led to the discovery of the comet C/2010 X1 (Elenin) December 10, 2010 – the first comet discovered by a Russian astronomer for the last 20 years.

February 22 – renewed MPC data on number of asteroids’ observation for a year. In 2010 ISON-NM (H15) observatory obtained the 10th place among the most productive observatories despite the fact that it started to work only in August. Andrushevsk Astronomical Observatory (AAO) obtained the 17th place in the same list of the most productive observatories.

In 2011 designers group hopes to increase not only the number of new celestial objects discovered with CoLiTec software but also the number of observatories using it in their discoveries.