Main functions of CoLiTec software

Intraframe processing:

  • luminance alignment frames of any size (median filter and Fourier analysis);
  • auto calibration and cosmetic correction (automatic removal of broken and hot pixels);
  • frames’ addition with accumulation of signals from moving object (FAMO) – a type of frames’ addition used to increase signal/noise ratio (SNR) of signals from objects with unknown velocity of apparent motion (not been used for several years);
  • adaptive formation thresholds of forming blobs on the frames;
  • evaluation of celestial objects’ coordinates (fitting).

Interframe processing:

  • exclusion of inner catalog of objects’ with zero apparent motion’s blobs from interframe processing;
  • asteroid detection based on method (Automatic detection of faint moving objects (SNR>2.5));
  • allows to collect signals from objects along trajectories with unknown parameters motion by use of a multi-valued transformation. Computational cost of this method are stabilized at an acceptable level through the implementation of a hierarchical implementation;
  • manual rejection automatically detected asteroids;
  • formation of MPC report, sending via e-mail.

Astrometric and photometric frames’ reduction:

  • fully automatic robust algorithm of astrometric reduction;
  • working with very wide field of view (up to 10 degrees);
  • access to electronic stellar catalogs (USNO B1.0, UCAC 4 or XPM);
  • automatic rejection of objects with worst observations.

Frame’s identification:

  • forming of inner catalog of objects that are motionless on the series of observation;
  • automatic identification of a sum of frames’ blobs and inner catalog of motionless objects from series of observation with a stellar catalog;
  • automatic identification of asteroids’ detected by the present software and known by MPC.

OLDAS (OnLine Data Analysis System):

It allows for near real-time data processing and assigns confirmation of the most interesting objects at the night of their preliminary discovery.

  • multi-threaded support for multi-cores systems and local network;
  • obtaining results in 30 minutes after end of astronomical twilight;
  • working with online catalogues via VizieR;
  • inspection detected objects via web‐interface.


CoLiTec software equipped with the modern viewer LookSky of obtained results with a user-friendly GUI. The viewer runs independently of the main program and it can be used for independent review of CoLiTec operation results when the main program is processing data. Mapping on the frames objects that interest astronomer (NEA, comets, variables, new and supernova stars, galaxies) using the data from appropriate sites.

Mobile viewer of CoLiTec results:

CoLiTec operation results can be monitored from anywhere in the world. All that is required is any modern smartphones, a tablet or laptops running on any OS platform. After connecting to our web-interface, you can perform different operations; for example, send a report to MPC, including quick report to NEOCP.

Software: storage and access to all obtained images:

  • Management of archive, including searching for data by parameters (coordinates);
  • External access via our web-interface and Aladin software (Generic SIA query);
  • Retrieve additional data via VizieR (SDSS v8 and 2MASS);
  • Software used SIA protocol and VOTable format.
CoLiTec software functions

Fig. 1.1. CoLiTec software functions