On this page you can download free version of the latest and actual version of the CoLiTec software. CoLiTec Company provides 3 versions of the CoLiTec software. Their comparative characteristics are in the following table.

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For free CoLiTec software testing you can use repository with shared test frames* on the CoLiTec Company server. Repository is available by following link ( and contains archives with frames processed with help of CoLiTec software. Also repository includes “SOURCE” folder (…/DEMO/SOURCE/), which contains raw source frames*.

* – Permissions to use the frames were provided by astronomers.

CoLiTec 2016 – Summerbeta
version from 25 June, 2016

For Windows 7/8.0/8.1/10

For Windows XP SP3

For Linux

Download Linux configuration guide

Required to use installed Java 8.
Download jdk-8u77-linux-i586.tar.gz
Download jdk-8u77-linux-x64.tar.gz

Download user guide for CoLiTec 2016 – Summer

Version log

Features: LookSky CoLiTec-Day OLDAS-Night
  Frame reduction
  Blinking mode
  Object hand measuring
  Track & Stack
  Frame background alignment (filtration)
  Operations with frames more than 1.5 sq. degrees  
  Local star catalog support
  Data from the internet-catalogs (MPC, Vizier)
  Automation search of moving objects
  “Deep” automation search until SNR~2.5
  Measurements sending from CoLiTec to MPC
  Batch frame processing
  Multiprocessing support
  Distributed work on several PCs
  Standard support (forum)
  Individual support + installation (1 year)  
  Version update 1 year
Demo FITs              Wine-CoLiTec

Recommend to contact the CoLiTec developers team and update configuration file before installation.

Supported OS (32-bit/64-bit):
  Windows 7/8/8.1/10           Linux        

CoLiTec Company provides the ability to download a specially developed light build of Wine utility for users on Unix-based systems by following link (…/downloads/cltwine.tar.gz)

Download installation CoLiTec package guide