Comet C/2010 X1 (Elenin) observation. News

Approaching the Earth, Comet Elenin permits now more observations from professional and amateur observatories.

End of July: James Clerk Maxwell’s 15-m submillimeter telescope discovered hydrocyanic acid in the present comet’s spectrum.

Michael Mattiazzo (Italian amateur astronomer) estimated the Comet’s coma size to be 213 500 км, that perfectly matches the data received while Comet Elenin observation by space observatory STEREO-B.

Terry Lovejoy (Australian amateur astronomer) made pictures with a clearly observed long (about 3 millions km.) comet’s ionic tail.

As you can read in Leonid Elenin’s blog, the Comet’s discoverer suggests that the Comet Elenin could be observed by several other science spacecrafts. It could be STEREO and SOHO Solar observation missions as well as Venus Express and Messenger exploration missions.

In case of Venus Express and Messenger’s observation, there would be a possibility to make a three-dimensional Comet’s coma model that is an important scientific achievement. So, we are looking forward to this and other discoveries.