Comet С/2010 Х1 (Elenin) in the STEREO-B fields of view

August 1, 2011 – start to receive images of the comet С/2010 Х1 (Elenin), first comet discovered using CoLiTec (CLT) software (December 10, 2010), with space telescope STEREO-B equipment. The comet’s discoverer Leonid Elenin placed this information on his blog ( The satellite was turned for 135 degrees July, 31 for better comet observation ( Given period of observation corresponds to the closest approach of comet and space telescope ( )(7 400 196 km).

Based on the current observation results, the size of comet’s coma is estimated to be 200 000 km (, with permanent estimation of comet nucleus size, that is several kilometers.

For the moment, comet observation is possible only with a space telescope, because the comet Elenin is too close to the Sun now and its image is hiding in sunset light, so it stays invisible for terrestrial observer. The comet ( is expected to be seen from the Earth in September. And in October it will reach the maximum brightness and could be observed with binoculars or even with naked eye.