CoLiTec and Gaia-FUN-SSO 2012 Workshop

CoLiTec team member – Vadim Savanevich – together with Leonid Elenin attended Gaia-FUN-SSO 2012 Workshop in Paris. Elenin was representing ISON-NM observatory, its progresses and projects for 2 year period as well as CoLiTec (CLT) software, that awoke considerable interest among workshop participants.
During the workshop Vadim and Leonid had time to discuss future development of the project and possible ways of the software upgrade. They made a decision to create CoLiTec (CLT) light version and to develop a module for fast NEO treatment for the next six months.

Members of Gaia-FUN-SSO 2012 (Vadym Savanevych first on the left)