CoLiTec software application. Updated results (14th June, 2014 – 12th July 2014).

MPC monthly circular MPC 88763- 89088. Observation results of observatories using CoLiTec software (14th June, 2014 – 12th July 2014):

Observatory (MPC-code) Number of measurements Number of objects Number of asteroids discoveries
ISON-NM (Н15) 2605 715 1
ISON-Ussuriysk (C15) - -


ISON-Kislovodsk (D00) 4 1 0

Discovery of 1 asteroids, that makes 1523 asteroids’ discoveries and four comet discoveries with CoLiTec software application.

The most prolific asteroid observation observatories in 2014 year (from January 16th 2014 to July 12th 2014) (an extended list)

Number of measurements (number of objects) Number of asteroid discoveries σ,″ (Ast-DyS) Instruments FOV Scale, ″/pix Altitude, m
1 PanSTARR-1, Haleakala (USA), F51 2130512
10370 0.129 1.8-m f/4.4 Ritchey-Chretien 2.6ºх2.6º
(3ºх3º ?)
0.3 3052
2 Mt. Lemmon Survey (USA), G96 1496004
9461 0.275 1.50-m f/2.0 reflector 1.0ºх1.0º
1.2ºх1.2º [1]
1.0 2800
3 Catalina Sky Survey (USA)”, 703 989838
668 0.574 0.574 3.9ºх3.9º 2.6 2510
4 Steward Observatory, Kitt Peak (USA), 691 568092
3548 0.294 0.9-m f/3 reflector 2.9ºx2.9º 1.1 2095
5 Purple Mountain Observatory (China), D29 305817
93 0.438 1.04-m f/1.8 Schmidt 2.0ºх2.0º 1.7 267
6 Palomar Mountain—PTF (USA), I41 174506
230 0.162 1.2-m f/2.44 Schmidt [2] 2.3ºx3.4º [3] 1.01 [2] 1708 [4]
7 WISE, C51 133552
61 ? ? ? ? ?

MPC released a new circular

We offer you the statistics on the data of the seventh Circular MPC (MPC 88763- 89088) for July 12, 2014. You can also view a list of the most productive observatories in the world by the number of measurements.

“Lvivska Pravda” about CoLiTec software

Lviv regional newspaper “Lvivska Pravda” also commended the work of «CoLiTec» software. July 3 was published a long article about the work, achievements and prospects of the project participants «CoLiTec».

A link to an electronic resource: “Lvivska Pravda” about CoLiTec software from 03 July, 2014


“Komsomolska Pravda” about CoLiTec software

Interest in «CoLiTec» software continues to grow.

New article with a great name “Scientists from Kharkov invented how to prevent Armageddon” was published in the newspaper «Komsomolskaya Pravda in Ukraine».
Since the first article about discovering of the near Earth asteroid 2014 KH2, information about «CoLiTes» software was published in the about 20 newspapers from Ukrainian media.


CoLiTec software improvements – Summer 2014, version from 6 June, 2014

1. Implemented Track & Stack function in the AdditionFrames module -frame addition with given parameters (function Track & Stack).

2. In viewer LookSky added function of a complex (full) processing zone using the CoLiTec. Connected to the console version “CoLiTec.exe”. Complex frame processing includes: Filter – alignment background; coordinate reduction – permanent settlement plates; detection of moving objects; search for known objects in the database and identification of found and known objects.

3. Designed ALM-fitting procedure compact groups of objects.

4. All modules and personal digital libraries under-signed separately signed, completely filled with system information, as well as established  unique icons launch.

5. Designed installer different versions of the program, it also signed by and has the appropriate version information.

6. Changed console application module intraframe processing POCLT.

7. Created the possibility of using the internal database as intermodule interface project (working with markers and stellar catalogs).

8.  In interframe processing the maximum allowable speed for objects corresponding circular blobs,determined by the minimum duty cycle of by time between frames.

9. VKCLT module increased degree of control of the computing process by the under identification of frames. If at least one frame will not identified – stop work module, the module interframe processing VOCLT will not run.

10. Created module LitePO – console application for a “fast” fitting (handling 500 the brightest peaks) and identification of the frame with star catalogs.